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Women’s History Month: The Brilliant Women of the Salesian Community

Junior Writer Marco La Vecchia ’22 Women’s History Month Why Women’s History Month?  Isn’t it obvious? Women are amazing teachers, pioneers, leaders, people worth studying, people worth learning about, strong, admirable, powerful influences, you name it! But Why Women’s History Month? Well, who was a target of systemic suppression for thousands of years? You know, the […]

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Recap of 2021 NFL Free Agency

Colin McGee ‘22 NFL Free Agency has always been a very interesting time for fans. Following players going to new teams is always very fun. However, many feel as if big free agent spending doesn’t usually end positive for teams. This is due to many recent teams who have spent large amounts of money in free […]

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Easter Sunday Soundtrack

By: Sherquan Dailey ’21 As we celebrate and rejoice this Easter Season, the spectator shares a special Easter Sunday Soundtrack from our hearts to yours. Enjoy! (All songs included are available on Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal) You Waited (Extended Version) -Travis Greene  Total Praise (Live) – Richard Smallwood With Vision  Beautiful Day- Jamie Grace  […]

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Honoring a Legacy: George “Mr. J ” Janvier

Mrs. Cioce, Sherquan Dailey ’21, Mrs. Gabriel, Christopher Moronta ’22, & The Salesian Community Three and a half years ago I walked into my freshman orientation 5 hours late. It’s something Mr. J and I continue to joke about because he held my name tag diligently searching for me for hours hoping that he didn’t lose […]

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Salesian’s Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, March 27th, Salesian High School hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the community of New Rochelle. We prepared over four thousand Easter Eggs for this event! We had a great turnout of family and friends who came to show support for our event. We would like to thank our Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Mr. […]

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April 4th, 2021

Greetings Parents, Students, Faculty & Staff,

On behalf of the Salesian Spectator, I would like to wish you a peaceful Easter Season! In a very special way we are indebted to our dedicated Salesian Community,  our Faculty, Staff, and students who continue to contribute diligently to the newspaper. We thank you for your gracious contributions. As we reflect on the Easter Season, we keep Mr. J and his family in our thoughts and prayers, as well as others we have lost during these trying times. We pray for their souls and their spirits, and we pray that God may protect and cherish them as we hold them near and dear in our hearts. 

Please feel free to browse through our website and catch up with featured writers in the likes of Marco La Vecchia ‘22, Salvatore Bonasia‘22, Christopher Hart ‘21, Christopher Moronta ‘22, Andrew Bondarev ‘22, Matthew Ventura ‘22, and Armando Gimenez ‘22 among others, as we highlight special updates for the season. These features highlight sports reviews, film, video-game suggestions, opinion pieces, as well as other topics.  

We always bring to light that our goal at Spectator is to ensure that our Salesian Community has the means and access to use their voices. Our prayers are with our Salesian Families at home and abroad, those affected in our thoughts and prayers. I hope you enjoy this special issue. 

Warm Regards, 

Sherquan Dailey 


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