The “Flat Earth” Epidemic

By Justin Le ‘19

Perhaps several hundred years ago, the notion of a “flat earth” would not elicit mockery or ridicule;  however, even then were the educated sure of a spherical earth. Fast forward to 2018, the world has revolutionized from small, isolated peoples to a world of global communication and technology. With that said, how come are there still men and women who attempt to assert the notion of a flat earth? It is not conclusive enough that our understanding of modern day physics and astronomy, based on the culmination of scientific development for centuries, prove the Earth as an objective sphereroid? One group of people would simply object to this — flat earthers.

Who are these “flat earthers,” and what is their mission? Well, a flat earther is essentially a person who rejects the conventional idea of a spherical earth, and instead opts to believe in the idea that the earth is flat. They believe that the concept of a spherical earth is perpetuated by the government, headed by the most deceptive organization known to man — NASA. As ridiculous as this sounds, NASA’s primary objective, according to flat earthers, is to lie to humanity, and create havoc and chaos under Satan. If only I was joking…

This antiquated view of the universe seems chiefly religious, in terms of the people who identify as flat earthers, which falls into the Christian creationist standpoint. Of course, this would makes sense, considering that the flat earth fits well into the idea of the classic creationist view of the universe. Even the Catholic Church denies the creationist view of the universe! It would seem that flat earthers have been able to revive a movement dedicated to promulgating falsities against the world of science, as well as the Catholic Church.

At the end of the day, what is the harm in establishing a flat earth movement? Well… promulgating the idea of the of a flat earth not only contradicts the hundred of years of scientific understanding humanity has achieved, but also has the ability to deter many future scientists and mathematicians from aspiring for a career in the sciences, and that is absolutely harmful to humanity…