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The Saucy, Sweet, and Savory of Quarantine Life

Armando Gimenez ‘22

Breakfast and Brunch

Home-made Griddles                       


1 Cup of Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Mix

¾ (a little bit more to make the solution more fluid) Cups of Water

Desired Breakfast Meat (Preferably Spam)

1-2 Eggs

Cheese (Optional)

Butter for greasing pan 

How to make: 

Step 1

Combine Water and Mix by whisking together to form a fluid solution that holds onto whisk and drips onto a bowl smoothly. 

Step 2

 Grease your pan well with butter, and place ½ a cup of the pancake solution to make small, round, and fluffy pancakes. The butter on the pan will make the pancakes crispy and buttery on the outside, while maintaining the fluffy and soft inside. 

Step 3

After making the desired amount of pancakes. Set aside the pancakes by containing it in a plate or paper towels so they will stay warm. Cut 3-4 thin slices of spam on a cutting board, then place them on the pan on high. Take off spam from the pan when they have color and are somewhat crispy on the outside. 

Step 4 

Cook one egg over-medium, per griddle. Cook the egg on a well-heated pan until the egg whites are no longer clear and fully white. Flip the egg gently, so as not to crack the egg. Take out the egg after it has been cooking on the other side for at least 6-7 minutes on high. 

Step 5

Assemble the griddle with the following order from top to bottom, pancake, spam slices, egg, and pancake. *Syrup can be put on the pancakes, although it may be messy and unnecessary* 

Step 6 

Eat gleefully knowing you made something simple and delicious. (Should be made on special mornings, NOT AN EVERYDAY BREAKFAST as tempting as it may seem .) 

Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwiches


2 Pieces of White Bread

4 eggs 

4 pieces of bacon 

2 slices of ham

3 slices of American cheese

Butter (For Greasing) 

How to Make:

Step 1

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Put strips of bacon on an oven pan with parchment paper. When the oven is fully heated, place the pan in the oven for twenty minutes, while flipping them at the half-way time. Take out and let cool for five minutes. 

Step 2

Heat up and grease the pan with butter. Spread butter on one side of the bread and place the unbuttered side on the pan. 

Step 3 

Flip the slices when they meet the desired amount of color for your toast. Remove both slices when they are evenly toasted on both sides, or to your desired texture. 

Step 4 

Now for the highlight, soft and creamy scrambled eggs!!! Scramble eggs in a bowl, until it is fully yellow. Heat up a buttered pan until hot and place eggs on the pan. Lower the heat, so the eggs are able to cook slowly. During the slow cooking process, you want to continuously stir the eggs with a spoon. Continue to cook and stir the eggs, while scraping the cooked eggs on the side and bottom of the pan. Stop stirring and shut off heat until the eggs are not fully liquid. The desired texture is a creamy-like paste that can be easily coated on the back of a spoon. If you are not comfortable with the texture, cook until completely solidified. 

Step 5

While you are finishing cooking the eggs, place small ripped pieces of american cheese in the egg so they can melt while it carries over onto the bread. Have the two slices of bread side by side on a plate and spread the eggs atop the pieces of bread as you would jelly on a pb&j. Place the bacon on the eggs after they are spread. 

Step 6

Heat up sliced ham in a pan so it can get some color and texture. This will help the meal be more warm and flavorful. Immediately after the ham is placed atop the bacon, place ripped pieces of cheese so they can melt easier and be more spread out. 



original recipe

Making the Broth:


Saved bone from ham. 

1 teaspoon Sriracha hot sauce

1 tablespoon Honey 

2 Onions

2 Carrots

1 tablespoon of Chives 

2 tablespoons of Soy Sauce

2 tablespoons of Mirin

3 tablespoons of Cooking Sake

4 tablespoons of Premade Broth (Anything will do, I used the packets in ramen to make an artificial broth and then added it to the homemade). 

These store-bought dumplings and spring rolls were added as sides. 

How to Make: 

Step 1

The steps are fairly simple and are created around the cook’s improvisation to create their own flavor. Find your largest cooking vessel and fill with water until it is twice the size of the ham bone’s height. Combine all ingredients in water and let cook on low for 6-8 hours. 

Step 2 

Skim the fat that floats to the top of the broth every hour. You want to avoid all the fat and oil that rises in the broth, since they will ruin the flavor and overpower your ingredients with disgusting ham flavor.
Step 3 

After your broth has reached its desired flavor and completed time, strain it with a cheesecloth or strainer. You ONLY want the broth and none of the other ingredients. This completed broth can be used for anything and adds a lot of flavor to your meals. 

Don’t mind the Garlic Jar. It was perfect as a container. 

Marinated Eggs


Desired amount of eggs

25mL of Soy Sauce per egg. 

25mL of Mirin per egg. 

50mL of Cooking Sake per egg. 

50mL of Desired Broth per egg. 

How to Make: 

Step 1

Boil the desired amount of eggs for 8 minutes. After that, let them cool in cold water for five to ten minutes to make it easier to peel. 

Step 2

Combine all ingredients, beside the eggs, and pan sear them on your stove to give them heat and to further combine the liquid substances. 

Step 3

Add the mixed substance to the eggs in a class container or mason jar. Let the eggs marinate for 6 hours. The eggs can stay in the substance for up to three days and are perfect for our ramen. 

Ultimate Homemade Ramen


Broth (At least one cup)

Ham steak

3 Marinated eggs

Ramen Noodles (You can use the noodles found in packet ramen)

How to Make: 

Step 1

Heat up the broth until it starts to boil. When it boils, add the noodles for four minutes until they are cooked. Put the ramen noodles with the broth into an eating bowl. 

Step 2

Cut the ham steak into small cubes that can be cooked quickly in a pan. Pan sear the cubes of ham so they become crunchy and well-cooked. 

Step 3 Cut up the eggs into fourths and place atop the broth so they can warm up. Place the cubes of ham on top of the ramen where it is visible for the sake of PRESENTATION. Eat well knowing everything you ate was made on your own.

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