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The Spectator Christmas Checklist

Sherquan Dailey ’21 Decorate with Garlands  Add a Christmas Wreath to Your Door  Make a Gingerbread House  Bake Cookies  Hang Stockings by the Fireplace  DIY Christmas Centerpiece  Decorate the Tree  Hang Snowflakes from your window  DIY Christmas Cards  Make Hot Chocolate Bombs  Drink Eggnog  Make Smores  Don’t Forget to Stream Your Favorite Holiday Checklist  Visit […]

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PS5 or Xbox Series X?

Nicholas Santiago-Massa ’24 Gaming industry only had so much, including Mario, Gameboy, Gameboy color, all the old stuff. A man by the name of Ken Kutaragi thought that the gaming industry needed a glow up. On December 3rd,1994, the first Playstation console was released making a monumental debut.  “Fast Forward to 2001,”arguably” one of the […]

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Hallmark: Simple Escapism or a Distortion of Reality

Armando Gimenez “22  As everyone approaches this time of year, we see a familiar pattern arise on cable tv. Hallmark movies are iconic in today’s world for their stories filled to the brim with holiday cheer and funk. When it comes to Hallmark movies, you either love them or you hate them. Although many love […]

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The California Wildfires and the Disaster That Followed

Brendan Byrne ‘22 The year 2020 has been anything but ideal for our country of America, throwing us into the mix with innumerable hardships and conflicts that are all tied together with one incredibly unneat, tattered, and impossible to untie bow. One of the primary issues currently plaguing our nation is the horrific situation that […]

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Top 10 Quarantine Reads

Aaron Jiang ’23           For your benefit, it is recommended that you should read a novel once in a while. However, while the pandemic ain’t going anywhere just yet, your time home shall entail a longer and more frequent reading schedule(that’s the ideal anyways). While not many people tend to follow ideals, it is still apparent […]

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