Editor-in-Chief: Sherquan Dailey ’21

About me:

My name is Sherquan Dailey. For the last 4 years of my high school career I have pushed myself to be a harborer of the virtues of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, in which Salesian High School prides itself to be. I have been an active member in the leadership and service community, serving in prestigious positions well before my time. My mission is to promote young talented voices in my school community. As the longest tenured Editor-in-chief, I serve to provide a platform where my school community can remain safe, informed, and empowered.

Current Leadership Positions

Youth Ministry Logistics Coordinator (2019-current)

Advisor (2019-current)

Executive Board Core Member (2020-current)

Editor-in-Chief of the Salesian Spectator (2019-current)

Current Staff

Publisher: Mr. Gregory Bruno (2017-current)

Editor-in-Chief: Sherquan Dailey ’21 (2019-current)

Managing Director: Armando Gimenez ’22 (2020 – current)

Assignment Editor:  Salvatore Bonasia ’22 (2020 – current)

Editor of Student Life: Matthew McKoy ’22 (2020-current)

Editor of Arts, Culture & Technology: Brendan Byrne ’22 (2019 – current)

Editor of School Sports: Andrew Bondarev ’22 (2018 – current)

Co-Editor of School Sports: Matthew Ventura ’22 (2019 – current)

Senior Writer: Christopher Moranta ’22 (2020-current)

Writer: Christopher Hart ’21

Writer: Marco La Vecchia ’22

Writer: Colin McGee ’22

Writer: Daniel Singh ’22

Writer: Diego Exequiel Javier ’22

Writer: Ibrahim Ghazal ’22

Writer: Aaron Jiang ’23

Writer: Matthew Tirabasso ’23

Writer: Timothy Nguyen ’23

Writer: Aaron Jiang ’23

Writer: Erick Narvaez ’23

Writer: Silas Gonzalez ’24

Writer: Angelo Ledda ’24

Writer: Daniel Brito ’24

Writer: Nicholas Santiago- Massa ’24